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Emmy Comeaux, executive assistant to Chris Meyer,

Gloria Chapman, receptionist,

Faith Swint, receptionist,

Civic Leadership Initiatives

Chris Meyer, chief executive officer,

Eric Dexter, vice president,

Leah Taylor, project manager,


Sarah Gardner, vice president,

Bailey Broome, content specialist,

Caitlin Davis, graphic designer,


Edmund J. Giering IV, general counsel, 

Enterprise Strategy

Lauren Crapanzano Jumonville, vice president, 

Devon DeShields, director of human resources, 

Tamika Edwards-Raby, CRM officer, 

Amy Haerb, competitive grants officer, 

Randy Riney, director of enterprise operations,


Debbie Pickell, chief financial officer, 

Courtney Gustin, comptroller, 

Raymond Prince, financial operations manager, 

Holly Mitchell, accountant,  

Alyssa Mobley, grants administrator, 

Haley Odom, gifts administrator, 

Nonprofit Excellence

Tammy Abshire, interim vice president, 

Ally Rennhoff Martinez, director of nonprofit consulting, 

Philanthropic Advancement

Carissa Graves, vice president, 

Emily Glascock, director of philanthropic partnerships,

Amber Cefalu, membership and events coordinator, 

Travis Hutchins, director of donor services,