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Quality of Life

We envision a future where our citizens believe it’s the best place to live & work

We’re working to create a community where all residents feel proud and satisfied with our city and region. By improving the overall quality of life, we seek to foster a greater sense of belonging, well-being, & opportunity for everyone.

Historical projects furthering quality of life include:

Forum 225

We established Forum 35 in 1994 to create opportunities for young professionals in Baton Rouge to grow philanthropically, professionally, and civically. Three decades later, Forum has evolved into Forum 225, the premiere young professionals’ organization in the capital region.

University Lakes

Announced at our 50th anniversary as a community initiative, this project aims to improve the six-lake system near LSU. The restoration of these water bodies provides an exceptional case study in the value of collaboration and persistence. After years of partnership with civic leaders, construction is now underway at the lakes. The resulting outcome will yield increased resiliency against flood waters while providing enhanced recreational opportunities year-round.

Shaw Center for the Arts

In 2003, we made a commitment to complete an entire downtown block for the arts. This led to the establishment of the Shaw Center for the Arts, a collaborative effort involving LSU, the city-parish, the state, the Shaw Group Inc., and philanthropists as our partners. Today, the center has served as a hub for gathering, having hosted hundreds of performances and community events.

Curation and restoration of public art

The Baton Rouge Area Foundation first stepped into the world of public art when we helped fundraise and serve as fiscal agent for the commissioning of the Martin Luther King Monument in downtown Baton Rouge. Nearly 25 years after its installation, we kicked off an initiative to restore this monument – and 7 others across the city – to its former glory. This work enabled an annual budget allocation to be made from the City of Baton Rouge to the Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge to continue installing and maintaining art for the public good throughout the parish.

Music and Entertainment Study

We are supporting an entertainment study for the capital region to coordinate the refurbishment of three local venues – the River Center, PMAC, and Memorial Stadium. A coordinated plan can help Baton Rouge to attract global artists, strengthen the city’s music industry, and create a dynamic entertainment hub for community enrichment. Results of the study are expected to be published in summer of 2024.