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Regional Resiliency

Proactive measures to reinforce our infrastructure & strengthen community ties

At the Foundation, we believe in proactive measures to reinforce our infrastructure and strengthen community ties, especially in the face of increasing natural disasters.

Historical projects furthering regional resilience include: 

Center for Planning Excellence (CPEX)

Founded by the Foundation, CPEX focuses on initiatives like Plan BR I and II, showcasing how strategic urban development can revitalize downtown Baton Rouge. As Louisiana’s sole non-profit planning organization, CPEX provides strong leadership, expert assistance, and community involvement to fully realize the vision outlined in Plan Baton Rouge Phase II, ensuring access to vital planning resources for our communities.

The Water Campus 

A collaboration between the Baton Rouge Area Foundation and Commercial Properties Realty Trust, The Water Campus is dedicated to coastal science research and commercial development. Covering up to 1.6 million square feet, it serves as a hub for innovative solutions in adapting to shifting coastlines.

Housed on the campus is the Water Institute, an independent, non-profit applied research organization that works across disciplines to advance science and develop integrated methods used to solve complex environmental and societal challenges. The Foundation gathered partners to learn about Deltares, a company in the Netherlands that the Water Institute is based upon.

Louisiana Clean Energy Fund (LCEF) 

LCEF is a partnership between BRAF and CPEX that seeks to offer financial and technical support to nurture clean energy communities across Louisiana. As the green bank for the state, the Louisiana Clean Energy Fund will unify Louisiana’s clean energy efforts by addressing community needs statewide. Through this partnership we strive to address critical gaps in the Louisiana clean energy investment ecosystem by connecting national, state and local leaders with energy, financial and development sector partners.

Camille Coates Environmental Impact Fund

A pivotal step in our resilience journey was the establishment of the Camille Coates Environmental Impact Fund, made possible by a generous legacy gift. This fund underscores our dedication to preserving Louisiana’s natural beauty while transitioning to sustainable energy sources. By investing in environmental conservation, we safeguard our community for future generations.