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Open a Charitable Fund

Turn Your Philanthropic Ideas Into Impactful Action

At the Foundation, we specialize in connecting passionate individuals like you with the causes that matter most. By opening a charitable fund with us, you can make a lasting difference in the world while enjoying the benefits of effective philanthropy.

Schedule a Consultation

Opening a Fund in Three Steps:

Step 1:

Begin by discussing your charitable interests and fund terms with Carissa Graves, our dedicated representative. Contact Carissa at (225) 387-6126 or to schedule a consultation.

Step 2:
Fund Setup

Choose a name and type of fund that aligns with your philanthropic goals.

Step 3:
Donation & Grantmaking

Make a tax-deductible donation to your fund and start making grants to nonprofits that resonate with you.

Multiple types of charitable funds exist.

We want to ensure you can pick the perfect type of fund to match your philanthropic goals.

Donor Advised Fund

Ideal for individuals who wish to contribute, receive tax benefits, and recommend grants over time. Minimum gift: $10,000.

Corporate Advised Fund

Designed for companies to make grants, often involving employee committees.

Designated Beneficiary Fund

Establish a fund to benefit specific nonprofits chosen by you.

Field of Interest Fund

Support causes that are aligned with your specific charitable interests. Common causes include arts, education, environmental impact, and more.


Provide financial aid to students by covering educational expenses such as tuition and fees.

Supporting Organizations

Create legally separate nonprofits with their own advisory boards. Minimum donation: $1 million.

Organization Funds

Nonprofits can establish a fund to build an endowment for the future or their organization or to grow their money more thoughtfully in the present.

Learn more about the specifics of organization funds here.

In addition to enabling you to give back to causes you care about, becoming a fund holder at the Foundation comes with other distinct advantages:

Tax Benefits

Maximize your tax benefits with guidance from our philanthropic advancement department and general counsel.


Gain insights into issues and nonprofits, supported by research like our annual CityStats report and Opportunity Data Project.

Asset Management

Entrust your assets to top Wall Street investors overseen by our investment committee.

Flexible Funding

We accept various asset types, from cash to real estate and personal property.


Our staff handles grant-making, paperwork, and administrative tasks on your behalf, ensuring a hassle-free philanthropic experience.