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Strong & Safe Neighborhoods

Creating centers of connectivity, growth, & security

Our vision for Baton Rouge is to create strong and safe neighborhoods that are centers of connectivity, growth, and security. We believe that this can be achieved through comprehensive planning and collaboration that creates environments where residents feel connected, protected, and empowered to live meaningful lives.

Historical projects furthering strong and safe neighborhoods include:

Plan Baton Rouge

Past endeavors like Plan Baton Rouge I and II have demonstrated the potential of strategic urban development in revitalizing downtown Baton Rouge. These successes pave the way for ongoing plans, such as those for the Florida Boulevard Corridor, which extend the positive transformations citywide. When neighborhoods have a tailored strategy for growth and improvement, the whole community wins.

Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (CJCC)

For neighborhoods to be strong and safe, justice partners must collaborate to ensure the system of justice is fair. Started by BRAF In 2019, the CJCC has brought stakeholders like the Sheriff’s department, Baron Rouge Police, East Baton Rouge Public Defender and District Attorney’s office, Office of the Mayor-president, and others to reduce our prison population by more than 40% without increasing the prevalence of violent crime in our community. Through their work, individuals who should not be incarcerated are able to return to home, work, and their communities to be productive members of society.


In pursuit of enhanced community safety and connectivity, we’ve launched SafeBR. SafeBR represents a unified approach to addressing urgent safety concerns and strengthening community bonds, ensuring the security and well-being of all residents. Our focus includes reshaping neighborhood environments to reduce gun violence, providing alternative paths for disengaged youth, and preventing school disengagement among local children. These efforts aim to increase opportunity in historically disadvantaged areas with high rates of violence.

Civic Impact Funds

Our Civic Impact Funds focus on specific issues, offering long-term solutions to our greatest challenges. These funds allow for collective contributions, magnifying one donation’s impact towards advancing targeted goals and solutions.

We’ve established the Community Safety Impact Fund to further our efforts in creating robust and secure neighborhoods. This fund will finance programs promoting community safety through innovative, data-driven crime prevention practices and community investment. By prioritizing initiatives that enhance community well-being and encourage resident involvement, we’re laying the foundation for a brighter, more secure future.