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The purpose of the Young Women’s Christian Organization Fund, a Donor Advised Field of Interest Fund of the Baton Rouge Area Foundation, is to improve the lives of women and girls in the Baton Rouge area. This endowed Fund was established in 1997 as a legacy for members of the Young Women’s Christian Organization. An advisory committee meets twice a year to review grant requests from organizations whose programs support women and girls. These program areas are arts and humanities, community development, education, environment, human services and healthcare. 

The Fund will support nonprofit organizations in the city of Baton Rouge. It will provide program grants to support new, creative or beneficial programs; capital fund grants for new construction or major renovations; seed money grants to help start a new organization which responds to an important opportunity in the community; bridge grants to sustain good organizations experiencing financial hardship; and operating expenses to sustain organizations pursuing asset based community development. 

Grant Application Details

Proposal Summary

Every application must include a summary which provides the following information:

  • Project name
  • Organization’s address
  • Organization’s phone number
  • Organization’s fax number
  • Chief executive officer/senior official
  • Senior official’s email address
  • Board approved mission statement
  • Date mission statement approved by the board
  • Date organization incorporated as a 501(c)(3)
  • Web page/social media
  • Description of the project (no more than 3 sentences)
  • Compelling reason for the project
  • Amount requested
  • Program or project director’s name
  • Project director’s phone number
  • Project director’s email address
  • Target population
  • Project area of interest
  • Geographic region
  • Project start date
  • Project end date
Narative Section

The application should be 1-3 typed pages and should include the following information:

  • A brief history of the organization with an overview of current programs and activities
  • A brief description of the challenge to be addressed by the project
  • A detailed description of the project, including strategies, measurable objectives and a timetable. Note if the project is a replication of a successful evidenced-based model.
  • A plan for continuing the project once the Foundation’s funding ends
  • A plan for evaluating the project.

  • Narrative
  • The names and qualifications of the persons responsible for carrying out the program.
  • A project budget and budget narrative.
  • A list of the organization’s board members.
  • Financial statements, including the organization’s operation budget, balance sheet and statements of support, revenue and expenses for the last completed and current fiscal year.
  • A sign memorandum of understanding with the fiscal agent, if applicable.
  • A statement from the organization’s board of directors authorizing the request and agreeing to implement the project if funded.
  • A copy of the IRS letter of determination stating that the organization is tax-exempt, or a copy of the organization’s fiscal agent’s letter of determination along with a letter from the organization stating its willingness to serve as fiscal agent.
  • A copy of the organizations non-discrimination policy.