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Booz Hamilton: Invest in BR, NOLA airports

The Baton Rouge Area Foundation and the Baton Rouge Area Chamber commissioned a review of South Louisiana airports to determine if a new airport was needed between Baton Rouge and New Orleans. Booz Hamilton, a consulting firm hired for the project, reported that Baton Rouge and New Orleans should continue to invest in their own airports instead of any agency building a new one.

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EXCERPT: Our research concluded that the residents and businesses of the Baton Rouge area would be best served over the next 25 years by making continued
investments in the Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport at its existing location and by aggressively leveraging airline incentives to recruit new low-cost carrier service to the airport. This strategy is expected to result in substantially reduced ticket fares and increased airline service levels (including the number of destinations served by direct flights and the number of flights per day) for Baton Rouge area travelers. Additionally, this strategy is expected to be
extremely cost-effective when compared to strategic options that involve the construction of new airport facilities.