Click the image above to download the report.

Click the image above to download the report.

What is BikeShare?

BikeShare is new and growing way to travel.

For people, it’s a new way to move around town. Subscribers pick up bikes at stations, ride them where they want to go, and drop off bikes at stations near their destinations. For the city, BikeShare is another transportation choice. The more choices we have, the quicker we move around in a place.

The Baton Rouge Area Foundation, local government, BREC, LSU, Southern University and many private businesses are partnering to start BikeShare in the parish. Service is expected to begin in spring 2019, with stations situated where demand is predicted to be greatest: Downtown, LSU, Southern University and nearby neighborhoods. In a second phase, bikeshare will expand to the Baton Rouge Health District and Mid City.

Parish government chose Gotcha Group as the bikeshare provider.

BikeShare will improve Baton Rouge in multiple ways, but the most notable areas are transportation/mobility, quality of life, economic impact, health and traffic safety. 

How BikeShare works

BikeShare is best for short distance point-to-point trips. Various membership options will be available, from a few dollars for a one-day membership pass to annual memberships that are less than the cost of owning a bike. The first half hour is usually free; after that, the subscriber is charged gradually increasing fees to discourage users from holding onto bicycles when they are not being used, ensuring that bikes are available for all subscribers and the system is shared. 

Get: Pick up a bike at one of the stations by unlocking it with a membership key fob or temporary membership card. 
Ride: Take as many 30-minute trips as you want under your membership type. Your time starts over each time you unlock a bike.
Return: After riding, return the bike to any station. Make sure it is docked securely and go about your day!


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