Library's big chip project

Baton Rouge’s library system will tag its entire collection with RFID chips. At a cost of more than $1.5 million, the tiny chips and readers will be good for patrons and library workers, who won’t have to wander the stacks to hunt and file misplaced books.

Louis D. Curet

Louis D. Curet retired nine years ago after 55 years as an estate attorney in Baton Rouge, but you wouldn’t know it from the pace he keeps in his 87th year on this planet.

Driven by a no-nonsense conviction that the world must get better each day, he raises funds for nonprofits and is a champion of causes.

Since 1952, he’s been in charge of selling tickets to the Kiwanis pancake breakfast at LSU’s Pete Maravich Assembly Center.

Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center has acquired millions of dollars in life-saving medical equipment with his help. And Curet has assisted in raising millions for the French program at LSU, where he graduated in 1947.

Baton Rouge Area Foundation