The New Mobility

The Baton Rouge Area Foundation, local government and other collaborators are implementing select projects to let people move more freely around the parish. 

Given only one choice - cars - streets become gridlocked. Adding more capacity, it's been proven, does nothing, or makes traffic worse. The pull of new roads draws more drivers, those who were taking other routes and those who were avoiding clogged areas altogether.  

Noticing this frustrating cycle, the Foundation convened leaders to start a project to offer transportation choices. We are exploring more biking and bike sharing, car sharing, on-demand transit, mass transit where demand exists, and even gondolas in dense areas where people would ride them. A list of our ongoing projects under the main New Mobility banner include bike sharing, expanding nascent car sharing service, encouraging more use of electric cars that  are better for the environment, supporting parish government's proposed tram between downtown and LSU on Nicholson Drive, and an intercity passenger train to link downtowns of New Orleans and Baton Rouge.