East Baton Rouge First Responders Fund

Established in 1988, the Foundation’s East Baton Rouge First Responders Fund raises money and makes grants to law enforcement officers and other first responders who are injured on duty. Grants are also made to families of first responders who are killed at work.

Funds raised are used to cover unexpected expenses, such as health care, therapy, lost wages, and to pay for funeral expenses.

The fund assists officers and their families who need help now, and also in the future.

The fund is overseen by East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff Sid Gautreaux, Baton Rouge Police Chief Murphy Paul, Baton Rouge Fire Chief Ed Smith and Louisiana State Police Major Mike Noel.

Our first responders welcome your donations at the link below, and we ask you to share it with anyone who wishes to help. You can also start your own fundraiser on behalf of the Fund at the site.

Contributions to the Fund are tax deductible.