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Tax Law Changes

How does the tax law that passed in late 2017 affect donor advised funds? The great news is that your donor advised fund will continue to operate the way that it always has. Donors will receive tax deductions in the year that donations are made, and The Foundation will help you make thoughtful grants that produce results.

There are a few things worth noting about the new tax law:

  • Your charitable contributions, as before, can be itemized. The threshold for itemizing deductions will oughly double, to $24,000 for a married couple.
  • Your deduction for charitable contributions can be up to 60% of your adjusted gross income for the year, up from 50% under the previous law. The 60% applies for tax years 2018 through 2025.

As always, you take the tax deduction when you contribute to your fund; you do not get another one when grants are actually sent to your selected charity.

Donor Portal Functions

The donor portal allows you to do the following with your fund: 

  • Request grants
  • View grant history
  • Review upcoming grants that were previously scheduled
  • Check your fund balance
  • Make a contribution to your fund
  • View contribution history
  • Review and download your current and historical fund statements
  • See current funding opportunities in our community
  • Become a Baton Rouge Area Foundation member
  • View/edit your profile
  • We are available to provide the same services by telephone or email as well.

If you are a current donor advisor and would like to sign up for donor portal access, please contact the Donor Services team at 225.387.6126.

We have prepared some FAQs for using the donor portal. Please click here to view them.


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