John G. Davies, president and CEO / John Davies has served as president and CEO since June 1988. During his tenure, the Foundation has grown from $5 million to more than $574 million in assets. You can reach John through his administrative assistant, Emmy Martin Comeaux, at, or (225) 387-6126.

John Spain, executive vice president / John Spain, who has run broadcast stations and diversified companies, oversees Foundation long-term projects, such as health care reform and land use planning. John can be reached through his administrative assistant, Amber Cefalu, at or (225) 387-6126.


Amber Cefalu, executive assistant to John Spain,, (225) 381-7109
Gloria Chapman, receptionist,, (225) 387-6126
Emmy Comeaux, executive assistant to John Davies,, (225) 339-3306
Jared Falcon, IT specialist,, (225) 339-3314
Andrea Farmer, receptionist,, (225) 381-7107


John M. Spain, executive vice president.,  (225) 339-3308
Lauren Crapanzano Jumonville, director of civic leadership initiatives,, (225) 381-7102
Sarah Gardner, project manager,, (225) 381-7114


Mukul Verma, director,, (225) 381-7116
Dennise Reno, art director,, (225) 252-2259


Edmund J. Giering IV, general counsel,, (225) 381-7101


This department is responsible for providing services to donors and members. Donor Services also oversees grants approved by independent committees and scholarships.

Rebecca Schutte, director of donor services,, (225) 387-6126
Lois Smyth, donor services program officer,, (225) 381-7103
Jana Smith, grants administrator,
Jazmin Holtzclaw, donor services officer,
Travis Hutchins, donor services officer,


Debbie Pickell, director of finance,, (225) 339-1183
Courtney Gustin, controller,, (225) 381-7112
Raymond Prince, financial operations manager,, (225) 339-1184
Holly S. Mitchell, accountant,, (225) 274-5113


Philanthropic Services is responsible for developing relationships with new donors and businesses. If you are interested in opening a charitable fund, please contact Elizabeth.

Elizabeth Hutchison, director of philanthropic services,, (225) 381-7080
Francisca M.M. Comeaux, project manager,, (225) 381-7110


Patricia Calfee, director,, (225) 381-7117
Lauren C. Crump, program officer,, (225) 387-6126